GERM CRUSHER - Echinacea Hand Sanitizer

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GERM CRUSHER - Echinacea Hand Sanitizer

Performa is Performance!!!

Germ Crusher likes the odds stacked against it. Global Pandemic ain't nothin' but a peanut.

Cloned dinosaur taking over the world? Germ Crusher will blast their germs back to Jurassic times.

Alien Race colonizing the planet? Germ Crusher sanitizes to the rescue

Take Germ Crusher anywhere you go and kick germs in the butt.

Why Echinacea and Aloe?

  • Helps boost skin's moisturizing properties
  • Increases levels of epidermal lipids and ceramides
  • Keeps outer layers strong
  • Most Hand Sanitizers will dry out and wreck your skin, this one will keep it healthy and protected


Ethyl alcohol-based. Contains Echinacea and Aloe

Antiseptic skin cleanser to prevent the spread of bacteria.