UNICARE - Echinacea Hand Sanitizer

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UNI-CARE - Echinacea Hand Sanitizer

Performa is Performance!!!

Let's make your life a little more sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns.

Hand Sanitizer is now a new normal but who says it cannot be fun?

Wouldn't you want to take your unicorn with you everywhere you go?

Well, now you can...

Why Echinacea and Aloe?

  • Helps boost skin's moisturizing properties
  • Increases levels of epidermal lipids and ceramides
  • Keeps outer layers strong
  • Most Hand Sanitizers will dry out and wreck your skin, this one will keep it healthy and protected


Ethyl alcohol-based. Contains Echinacea and Aloe

Antiseptic skin cleanser to prevent the spread of bacteria.