The meal prep bag fits 3 containers, and the containers are the perfect size and great quality! I like to prepare snacks for after school activities and I pack my lunch in the Matrix 3 Meal as well. The meal prep bag isn’t too big so I am able to transport it perfectly to school and after school events.

Abby Manning

I’m a big fan of the superhero shaker cups, because deep down I like to think I’m a super hero, and it’s my dream to one day play a super hero(or villain) in screen. I love to new towels too, they are the best workout towels on the market. I use them in hot yoga, when I’m drenched in sweat, and they just absorb everything.

Peter Sers

I am up at 4 am six days a week. Having my meal prep on point is a must!! I love my PERFORMA™ Matrix 6 Meal Prep bag. It is not too big and holds enough to get through my entire day. It also holds a 28oz shaker and other compartments that I use daily.

Erin Thomas

Quality! Is the word I would pick to describe how I feel with Performa! Not only is the quality of their shaker cups a higher standard than anyone else but not many people back their product 100%. The customer service is second to none. They are so personal it makes doing business with them feel like you’re dealing with an old friend.