The meal prep bag fits 3 containers, and the containers are the perfect size and great quality! I like to prepare snacks for after school activities and I pack my lunch in the Matrix 3 Meal as well. The meal prep bag isn’t too big so I am able to transport it perfectly to school and after school events.

Abby Manning

I’m a big fan of the superhero shaker cups, because deep down I like to think I’m a super hero, and it’s my dream to one day play a super hero(or villain) in screen. I love to new towels too, they are the best workout towels on the market. I use them in hot yoga, when I’m drenched in sweat, and they just absorb everything.

Peter Sers

I am up at 4 am six days a week. Having my meal prep on point is a must!! I love my PERFORMA™ Matrix 6 Meal Prep bag. It is not too big and holds enough to get through my entire day. It also holds a 28oz shaker and other compartments that I use daily.

Erin Thomas

Quality! Is the word I would pick to describe how I feel with Performa! Not only is the quality of their shaker cups a higher standard than anyone else but not many people back their product 100%. The customer service is second to none. They are so personal it makes doing business with them feel like you’re dealing with an old friend.


Performa Tik-Tok

Performa Tik-Tok Rendition of Cups

Check out this video of our Director of Events and Custom Sales, Rose along with Owner Darren and his son Seth doing our version of "Cups" by Anna Kendrick. We should take this show on the road!

Performa Cups Rendition

Performa Tik-Tok Splish-Splash

Check out this video of our Creative Services Manager, Sean showing you just how big our 48oz shaker really is. Thankfully no Creative Managers were harmed while shooting this video. ENJOY!!

Sean's Splish Splash

Performa Meat Loaf vs Meal Prep

Watch as Director of Events and Custom Sales, Rose along with Creative Manager, Sean re-enact this classic scene from "The Wedding Crashers", featuring our Stormtrooper 6 Meal Cooler Bag

Meat Loaf Vs. Meal Prep